Manuel Manrique Cecilia. Chairman & CEO.

30th Anniversary of Sacyr. Madrid, November 2016

I am pleased to introduce our Integrated Report corresponding to 2016; An exercise that has confirmed the good course undertaken for the future of the Sacyr Group through the development of our Strategic Plan; And through a deep transformation of the Group, the consolidation of our business model, the improvement of financial balance and the achievement of sustainable growth.

And at Sacyr we believe that the sustainability of our company is a source of long-term value creation for the societies where we are present and for the people who enjoy the infrastructures and services we develop.

That is why we have successfully advanced in the development of the new strategic cycle consisting of an orderly and profitable growth of the key markets and the opening of new ones, emphasizing profitability and cash flow generation, increasing the international expansion of construction and Services, favouring the revenue generation of our concession business, growing steadily in the industrial world and applying innovation to differentiate us from the competition and in the creation of new markets.

Our innovative capacity continues to be the differentiating element of our commercial offer and one of the pillars of the sustainability of our company; And it is through their implementation and development that we manage our business areas in the generation of new products, services and systems that add value to our activities. At Sacyr, we firmly believe that with the innovation we are continuously fostering, we continue to be a reference for the structural integration that a company must run, a company must assume the responsibility and the role of innovative and technological development in the interest of greater technical and managerial excellence.

A solid and consolidated structure that conforms to a Sacyr open to incorporate those aspects that really concern the societies where we develop our activities.

Transparency and a permanent dialogue with those with whom we interact is the key to fostering a culture of trust and belonging to a profitable, global and sustainable business project. That is the origin of our commitment to communicate relevant, balanced and concise information so that our stakeholders can know in a transparent and open way the work of the company.

Manuel Manrique Cecilia. Presidente y Consejero Delegado
Sacyr Innovation Awards 2016. Madrid, Spain