Metro de Bilbao, line 3. Spain

Mission, Vision and Values


To develop complex infrastructure projects and services that contribute to improving citizens’ quality of life, providing opportunities for personal and professional development for our employees and creating value for our customers, partners and shareholders.


To be a leading group with an international focus that is seen as a benchmark in developing innovative, high-value projects, that grows steadily and pro tably, providing quality employment opportunities for our employees while being environmentally friendly.


The Group’s organisational structure is arranged around the figure of the Executive Chairman and CEO, to which are accountable, firstly, the non-executive Chairmen and the Managing Directors of each business area, and secondly, various departments which provide support to the rest of the Group: the General Strategic and Corporate Development Department, the General Finance Department, the General Corporate Department, the General Talent Management and Human Resources Department and, lastly, the General Legal Advisory Department/Secretary to the Board of Directors.

A new strategic vision that will make us a more robust and profitable group in the medium to long term.

Strategic Vision based on: Diversification, Risk control and Organic growth

  • Focus

  • Specialisation in priority business areas
  • International growth with local presence in a select group of regions/ countries
  • Scale

  • Sustainable position against large-sized competitors
  • Growing internationalisation
  • Sustainability

  • Eliminate corporate debt
  • Diversify sources of finance

Solid Strategic Guidelines for business development

  • Construction

  • International leader in large projects
  • International growth focusing on Latin America, North American and the Middle East
  • Combination of organic growth, alliances and inorganic growth in North America (agreement with Manhattan Construction Group)
  • Concessions

  • Driver of growth and stability
  • Greenfield investments focusing on Latin America and North America
  • Rotation of mature assets
  • Industrial

  • New strategic focus
  • Strong development in the sector focusing in oil & gas, energy and grids and water, and in Latin America, North America and the Middle East
  • Reinforcement of capacities by a combination of organic growth, alliances and inorganic growth
  • Joint venture with Fluor
  • Valoriza

  • Synergy combination
  • Infrastructure maintenance: increase capacities/ specialisation and attain scale
  • Environment and Facilities: organic development in Spain and explore internationalisation based on “oil stain” model
  • Water: development with international focus in Latin America, North America and the Middle East

Growth engine of the Sacyr Group

Sacyr Concesiones has a portfolio of 36 concessions distributed throughout nine countries, together with two road-maintenance companies. The diverse nature of these assets, both as a result of their location and type of asset, is noteworthy of mention.

The concession business, which continues to grow, must continue to be rmly committed to green eld investments in transport and social infrastructure in key markets. Mature assets are rotated as the same time local structures are consolidated.


We are developing all manner of power generation, oil and gas, and electrical facility EPC projects.


Revenue for Sacyr Industrial amounted to 401 million euros in 2016, up 38% on the previous year thanks to the contribution of the La Pampilla contracts (Peru); the regasi cation plant in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) and the cement plant at Oruro (Bolivia); the new EPC (Engineering, Procurement and


Construction) contracts awarded this year, in Oil and Gas (Spain and Peru), in electricity infrastructure (Chile) and in the Environment division (Ecuador); and also due to the strategic alliances made with companies like Fluor, Nervión and Isotrón in previous years.

Valoriza operates a wide range of businesses, focusing at all times on providing a comprehensive service for customers and addressing their needs with higher returns thanks to a selective choice of business activities.


The Sacyr Group’s Services area, headed by Valoriza Gestión, continued with its strategy of growth and diversi cation in 2016.

In 2016, Valoriza posted revenues of 908 million euros, 19% higher than in 2015. This growth was fuelled by the Multiservices businesses (+28.5%), Environment (+10.9%) and Water (+16.8%).

EBITDA was 76 million euros, with a year- on-year variation of 9%. The EBITDA margin was 8%.

At 31 December, Valoriza’s backlog stood at 6,447 million euros, of which 29% derives from the international market. Valoriza remains rmly committed to tendering activity in all its business areas both in Spain and abroad.