We accept challenges that pose the development of our cities and the welfare of our society. With our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategic Plan we make a global commitment with the societies where we operate. This commitment is the basis of our business culture and the source of excellence-based management.

Punta Sollana, port of Bilbao. Spain

Goals and action commitments:

1. Dialogue and accountability:

“We want to become the leading management example in the sector by ensuring constant dialogue with our stakeholders and upholding a basic principle of transparency with all such stakeholders”.

  • Solvency and the long term: We are and want to keep being a solvent business group where nancial prudence and long- term vision are de ning characteristics in the eyes of our shareholders and investors.
  • Listening: We are always aware of our surroundings; we establish communication channels that are always open, and transparency is the basis of our links to our stakeholders.
  • Ethics: Zero tolerance to unethical behaviour.

2. People:

“We want to place people at the heart of our activities and become the rst choice for the sector’s professionals”.

  • Safety: Our constant ambition is to achieve zero accidents.
  • Development: We strive to offer the best professional development conditions.
  • Rights: We respect and protect the rights of who works with us – partners, contractors and suppliers.

3. Society:

“We want to be closer to the societies where we operate”.

  • Social value: With each project, we look for options that add more value to the society we are serving.
  • Diversity: We promote diversity inside and outside the company.

4. Environment:

“We want to provide the most ef cient solutions”.

  • Efficiency: We commit to developing the most ef cient option.
  • Impact: We always propose solutions with the least impact on the environment.


No poverty


Zero hunger


Good health and well-being


Quality education


Gender equality


Clean water and sanitation


Affordable and clean energy


Decent work and economic growth


Industry, innovation and infrastructure


Reduced inequalities


Sustainable cities and communities


Responsible consumption and production


Climate action


Life below water


Life on land


Peace, justice and strong institutions


Partnerships for the goals