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Agricultural water treatment plant in Adelaide, Australia

Sacyr complies with all legally imposed corporate governance obligations


Good Governance Practices

Our corporate governance practices are aimed at ensuring the proper administration of the company, safeguarding the rights of all shareholders and reporting with maximum transparency on the operation and economic and financial situation of the company.

Sacyr complies with all legally imposed corporate governance obligations, and takes as its main reference point the incorporation of best practices in its management, as specified by the recommendations of the Good Governance Code of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

This structure is regulated through an internal body of regulations, formed by the Company's Bylaws, the Regulations of the General Meeting and the Board of Directors, and the Internal Code of Conduct, all of which can be consulted by any stakeholder through the Group's website.

Sacyr carries out the best corporate governance practices

  • Sacyr has increased the percentage of compliance with the recommendations that are applicable Total compliance with the recommendations of Good Corporate Governance is 81.25%, an increase of 20% over the previous year.
Certificación de nuestro sistema de gestión de responsabilidad social corporativa por la norma SGE21
Certification of our corporate social responsibility management system by the SGE21 standard
Presentación Junta General de Accionistas de Sacyr
Presentation of Sacyr's General Shareholders' Meeting

Corporate Governance Report

For more information, please visit our website: or the CNMV website and download our Corporate Governance Report.


Total Tax Contribution in 2019

+ 660
Millions of euros total tax contribution in 2019

TTC by country

  • Spain

  • Peru

  • Mexico

  • Colombia

  • Chile

  • Australia

  • Italy

  • Portugal

  • Ireland

TTC for Business

  • Concessions

  • Industrial

  • Construction

  • Services

  • Holding company

  • WTP

The remuneration system for directors is aligned with Corporate Governance standards

Estadio de la Universidad de San Marcos de Lima, Peru
San Marcos University Stadium, Lima, Peru
Empleados de Sacyr
The Eastern Road during the Covid-19 pandemic. Paraguay

Code of Conduct

There is a Code of Conduct and a body responsible for its monitoring and application throughout the Group.


Risk management is an integral component of good management and governance


For every 100 euros of the company's turnover, 15.85 euros are allocated to the payment of taxes

Ejecución del proyecto Autopista al Mar, Medellín, Colombia
Implementation of the Autopista al Mar project, Medellin, Colombia
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