Evolution of the Sacyr Group

Business model

Evolution of the Sacyr Group

Expansion of the Turia Motorway, Valencia, Spain

Our evolution goes hand in hand with our values, evolution in innovation, responsibility, sustainable development and respect for the environment


2019 Significant events

Some of the most significant events that occurred during the year are described below:

Share price

Analistas financieros
At year-end 2019, 11 analysis firms actively followed Sacyr's share. Of these, 100% were positive - either "buy", "overweight" or "hold".

At 31 December 2019, the share had considerable upside potential of around 25%.
The share price reached its intraday high of 2.716 euros on 16 December, and its daily closing high of 2.678 euros on 7 November. The intraday day low was 1.69 euros, on 2 January, and the minimum daily close was 1.775 euros per share, on 2 January.

Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal in Cartagena de Indias. Colombia
Share price (euros) (1)
High 2.716 2.77
Low 1.690 1.534
Average 2.261 2.357
Year-end 2.600 1.744
Average daily trading volume (no. of shares) (1) 1,750,740 2,430,538
Annual trading volume (thousands of euros) (1) 1,008,879 1,466,440
No. of shares (admitted for trading) at year-end 582,005,888 553,555,329
Market capitalisation (thousands of euros) (1) 1,513,215 965,400
Earnings per share (euros/share) -0.53 0.28
Price/carrying amount (2) (no. of times) (3) 1.83 0.84
(1) Source: Continuous Market of Spanish stock markets    
(2) Equity/number of shares outstanding at year-end    
(3) Capitalisation/Equity    

Shareholders, analysts and investors

Personalised customer service
Sacyr's Investor Relations Department provides minority shareholders, financial analysts and investors with a number of direct and personalised contact channels:

  • Shareholder hotline: 900.101.930
  • Investor hotline: 902.196.360

Face-to-face meetings, teleconferences, roadshows and conferences

Over 230 activities were held in 2019, including 210 meetings or teleconferences, 18 roadshows and 6 conferences. The Investor Relations Department staff personally attend to both minority shareholders and the rest of the investors and analysts, and also keep in contact with various other financial stakeholders. It is worth stressing the geographic diversity of Sacyr's investor interest, with the presence of countries including the US, the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany and Spain.


General Shareholders' Meeting

This is an excellent forum for exchanging information between company directors and shareholders. At these meetings, directors report on the progress of the company, its profits, and the main milestones reached and planned, while shareholders can request information and clarification and make any comments they deem appropriate.

Financial information

Pursuant to current regulations, the Sacyr Group regularly prepares the Annual Report, half-yearly and quarterly financial results, the Annual Corporate Governance Report and the Annual Directors' Remuneration Report. These reports may be viewed on the CNMV's website www.cnmv.es, and on Sacyr's website

Sacyr's website (www.sacyr.com)

Contains all relevant corporate and financial information regarding the Company's performance, and all information made public through various financial and economic reports and communications (Annual Report, quarterly results, etc.).

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