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Always focused on an end-to-end customer service. Leading the Transition to a Green Economy


Always focused on an end-to-end customer service

Millions of euros
Millions of euros
    Millions of euros
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Millions of euros







Facilities management, social services

Municipal services, waste treatment, environmental projects

Water treatment plants, integrated cycle

Maintenance, mining

Restaurant services

  • We offer our customers an end-to-end service which covers their needs and provides a sustained return.
  • We are the number 2 Spanish company and number 11 in the world by contracted capacity of desalinated water, according to the IDA ranking.
  • We use the latest and most advanced technologies and develop innovative projects that increase the efficiency, sustainability and security of our employees and od the services we provide.

We carry out a wide range of businesses


Valoriza Medioambiente. Benchmark Group

Growth driver of the Environment Group.
Street cleaning, collection of waste in Spain and Colombia, including underground recycling containers, gardening and maintenance of green areas, management of parking meters and towing services.
  • Maintenance of 1,450 hectares of green spaces with more than 700,000 trees
  • 580 towns with over 5 million citizens served

Valoriza Medioambiente. Benchmark Group

Construction and operation of plants to treat urban solid waste, packaging, and batteries; treatment facilities for construction and demolition debris and landfill gas removal; and plants for biomethanation, incineration, and waste-to-energy production; as well as facilities to treat, compost, and thermally dry the sludge from waste-water treatment plants.
  • 48 waste treatment plants built
  • Management of 3 million tonnes of waste a year
  • Pioneering technology in waste treatment in Spain, Australia and the US

Valoriza Medioambiente. Benchmark Group

Water quality control, atmospheric control and recovery of landscapes and woodlands.

Sacyr Water

This activity covers the maintenance and operation of all types of water-related plants (drinking water and water purification plants, desalination plants, tertiary treatments and recycling, industrial waste water treatment, agricultural treatment, etc.) and integrated water cycle management under public sector concessions or in the private sector.

Integrated water cycle management activities are carried out by Sacyr Water in Spain and Somague Ambiente in Portugal, serving a total over of 1.3 million people.

The most significant activities include the end-to-end water cycle of the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife through the investee Emmasa; management of drinking water distribution in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria through the investee Emalsa; and the water supply concession in Guadalajara.

Sacyr Water and Sacyr Sadyt commissioned the Sohar seawater desalination plant, on the coast of Al Batinah (Oman). This inverse osmosis plant is the second biggest in the country and has sufficient capacity to produce 250,000 m3 of water per day, supplying almost 220,000 people. This 20-year concession has entailed an investment of almost 200 million euros for our Group.



Sacyr Multiservices manages the Sacyr Servicios Group's businesses through four companies: Sacyr Maintenance, Sacyr Facilities, Sacyr Social and Cafestore.
  • Sacyr Maintenance specialises in road maintenance and upkeep, both in Spain and abroad.
  • Sacyr Facilities, is a benchmark company in full-service cleaning of buildings, facility management services and ancillary services.
  • Sacyr Social, is leader in the management of care homes and day centres. In 2019, the following contracts were awarded.
  • Valorize Mining: mining projects in Spain, mostly on copper, gold, tin, lithium and tungsten deposits.
Road maintenance and conservation work. Spain
Road maintenance and conservation work.


Group company that specialises in catering services in concessions

Cafestore has a presence in motorway service areas (third-leading Spanish operator in this market), social-health services and public-sector organisations, serving over 5 million customers a year. In addition, it manages the operation of four petrol stations and a hotel.

At year-end, Cafestore had a total of 40 points of sale: 26 motorway service stations throughout Spain, restaurants at 3 hospitals in the Community of Madrid (2 including patient catering services), 2 cafeterias in transport hubs, 1 cafeteria at AVE rail stations, in 2 elderly care homes and in 3 public organisations of Madrid and 1 in Malaga, and 3 restaurants under the new brand Deliquo, also in Madrid.

Deliquo Restaurant. Madrid, Spain
Deliquo Restaurant. Madrid, Spain
Millions of euros
Operation of the “Valtierra” service area on the AP-15 motorway in Navarre (AUDENASA).
For a period of 10 years


Catering service for patients at the Parla and Coslada hospitals (Madrid).
For a period of 3 years


Catering service at building on Calle Ribera de Loira (Madrid).
For a period of 3 years


Catering, cafeteria and vending services at Congreso de los Diputados (Madrid).
This 1-year contract is worth 4 million euros




Cafestore, the independent brand with a different concept. A modern concept which revolves around four cornerstones:
  1. Subtle decoration and timeless atmosphere, to transmit peace, calm and cleanliness
  2. Streamlined service, for customers with limited time.
  3. Personalisation, with different meal options every day.
  4. Create more customer value, so that they see the service as impeccable and special.
For more information, please see our website:
Interior of the Deliquo restaurant
Interior of the Deliquo restaurant
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