Environmental value

Environmental value

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Native fauna of the project Desarrollo Vial al Mar (DEVIMAR). Colombia

We work on five main areas: integrated management system, fighting against climate change, promotion of the circular economy, protection of biodiversity and management in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Main axes of Sacyr's environmental strategy

Certified global management system

Sacyr environmental expenses and investments (€)

Our investment in protection and conservation of the environment in 2019 amounted to 26.4 million euros, 52.75% more than two years ago
Waste treatment, emission treatment and restoration costs
Costs of prevention and environmental management

In 2019, Sacyr's direct emissions fell by 9,2% compared to the previous year, which is extremely positive considering the increase in activity

Sacyr participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
Reduction of emissions for the 4th consecutive year
Sacyr has joined the Business Ambition for 1.5ºC initiative
The challenge of saving water involves us all

Water, a present good that constitutes the strategy of the future.

The cross-cutting nature of water makes it a fundamental resource for sustainable development at the economic, social and environmental levels..

In 2019 we avoided the consumption of 766,397m3 of drinking water, giving priority to the use of recycled water

Fauna of the Pamplona Ecosystem - Cúcuta, Colombia
The conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity are key elements at Sacyr to move towards a green economy model and guarantee the future of the planet
In 2019, protection measures have been implemented for 1,020 species
Camouflaged butterfly in Montes de Maria, Colombia

Sacyr joins the pact for a circular economy

57,09% of the material consumed during 2019 corresponds to recycled materials.

Hospital de Antofagasta en Chile
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